Megan Fox’s Relationships and Boyfriends

Before leaving to Hollywood Megan Fox did have a first love. From age 14-17 Megan had her first serious boyfriend Ben Leahy, a firefighter in Florida.

At such a young age they call it puppy love. They dated for 3 years until she left to pursue her dreams. Ben was older than Megan by 7 years. They had a wonderful relationship; they were lovers and best friends.

Megan was very fun to be with she was a tomboy that liked to hang around her boyfriends’  friends and do things like play basketball , go surfing or go fishing together.

Unfortunately, all good things have to come to an end. Megan always had bigger dreams. Ever since she was just 5 she dreamed of being a movie star. So high school came to an end and it was time for her to take the first big step. She tried to convince her first love to move with her to Hollywood but he refused.

So off Megan went to Hollywood all alone with a broken heart, but her dream was much more beloved than anything else.

Just a little after arriving in Hollywood Megan began landing small roles in many TV comedy shows. Before officially breaking up with her first love she started to take interest in 7th Heaven actor David Gallagher.     Megan Fox and boyfriend David Gallager

So yeah, she cheated on poor Ben. Not too long after that Ben realized that Megan wasn’t coming back and that it was time to move on, so he called Megan and officially broke up with her.

Although she knew this was best for both of them she did have a broken heart. I guess even Megan can’t have her cake and eat it too. She was already seeing someone a bit more interesting.

David Gallagher was a real actor sharing the same dreams as her. Her new boyfriend gave her the first taste of what Hollywood has to offer. He showed her around and showed her what fame could bring you.

He took her to Hollywood parties, Lakers games, spent lots and lots of money with her. What do lot’s and lot’s of money spell; lot’s and lot’s of FUN! As much fun these two had together their boyfriend girlfriend relationship fizzled in 2004, after only one year together.

There are rumors that Megan had a relationship with a female Russian stripper. Ben Leahy her ex-boyfriend commented that he wasn’t at all surprised.

He said that when Megan was with him she was obsessed with looking at women’s bodies. She loved to look at women in magazines especially Angelina Jolie, but isn’t that normal, doesn’t everyone? Maybe it was something she just wanted to try, who knows?

Either Megan Fox doesn’t like to waste time or she doesn’t like to be alone. In 2004 Megan Fox fell in love with Brian Austin Green, someone even more famous and much older than the last guy.

Megan Fox seems to find security in men quite older than her.  Her First love, was 7 years her senior and Brian is 12 years older. She swept Brian off his feet; he left his first fiancée Vanessa Marcil, for her.

He took his new girlfriend everywhere to show her off to everyone. They wanted to prove their love to the world so they had tattoos of each others’ names on engraved on their bodies.

They were truly in love; after two years of dating Brian asked Megan to marry him and she said yes.The couple was engaged in 2006. Megan Fox and Brian planned to have a small wedding with only family members and a few close friends.
Megan Fox with fiance Brian In the meantime they lived together as Megan started to rise to fame. During these years with Brian, Megan started to blossom very quickly into a gorgeous woman.

If you compare Megan in older photos to recent ones you’ll know what I’m talking about, if you don’t already. What did she do? How did she do it?

I will talk about Megan’s transformation and show you a few comparable pics in another post. Meanwhile, Megan Fox’s dreams were coming true especially after filming “Transformers”.

Megan started posing for many men’s magazines and signed many contracts for roles in many upcoming movies. Her fame was starting to sky rocket.

Megan, becoming a rising star is getting very hot she is not turning back not for anything or anyone. Megan began having second thoughts about her marriage.

Her dream of becoming a famous actress is becoming a reality. Getting married will just interfere with her dream. It’s like I said before when she left her first love Ben for fame, is she leaving Brian for fame also?

So, now we really know who Megan’s true love is, it’s acting, they say she wants to become the next Angelina Jolie. With more and more time away from home her relationship with future husband Brian began to weaken.

As future husband and wife they made a promise that they would schedule time for each other no matter what. An unhappy Brian complained to a friend that Megan would cancel dates with him by text messages.

Rumors had it that she wasn’t keeping up her end of the bargain. It’s sad to see many Hollywood marriages end up in divorce because they had no time for family.

After many fights Megan finally decided to call off her engagement. Maybe this was the right decision Megan made. She says she wouldn’t be a good wife.

She knows it’s easier to break off an engagement than eventually get divorced. Megan moved out of Brian’s house and found a place of her own.

During this time she was seen mingling with actor Robert Pattinson, star of, “Twilight”. Suspicion was in the air and rumors of her and Patrick where all over the internet.

Is something going on? No one really knows what to make of them. Breaking up with her fiance wasn’t as easy as she might have thought, Megan is seen going back to her ex-fiance’s house very frequently.

I think that she misses him I think her love for him is true; they spent years together, enough to create a solid bond. Megan Fox and Brian Austin Green are currently not engaged but seeing each other on and off.

Does Megan want to leave Brian for her career or does she think she can do better now that she is, “The Megan Fox”?
The following are the latest photos of Megan Fox and her ex-fiance trying to work things out. Unfortunately, things don’t look good.

Megan Fox Brian Austin Green Fight

Megan Fox and Brian

Megan Fox and Brian fight

Mega Fox and ex-fiance

Megan Fox and Brian breakup?


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  1. yo…….is there anything going on between Megan fox and Shia labeouf………or did anything ever happen?

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