Megan Fox Tattoos – all 7 of them

The lovely Megan Fox and her tattoos together are making news all over the internet. Rising to fame this actress is known for her role in the movie “Transformers”. Megan Fox has become famous for her acting, her drop dead gorgeousness and her tattoos. Where would megan fox be without her tattoos? She has millions of fans, some that adore her tattoos and some not too nuts about them. She doesn’t care though, they’re a part of her and she loves all seven of them. Each one symbolizes and means something to her.

1- The first Megan Fox tattoo is her favorite tattoo which happens to be about Marilyn Monroe. It is on her right forearm. Megan Fox idolizes Marilyn Monroe.

2-The second Megan Fox tattoo is scripted in Old English and Gothic letters on her right shoulder blade reads: “We will all laugh at Gilded Butterflies”. This is a Shakespeare’s piece called the King’s Lear.

3- The third Megan Fox tattoo is a tribal tattoo of two waves on her left wrist. This tattoo represents Megan Fox’s love for the ocean. Rumor has it that Megan is thinking about removing this tattoo because it didn’t turn out exactly the way Megan wanted it.

4-The fourth Megan Fox tattoo is crescent and sun and is located on the inner right ankle. It’s the only tattoo with some color to it. The star is blue, purple and yellow and the crescent is red and yellow with of course, black outlining. I just got to say Megan Fox is very talented in finding the right artists to work on her.

5- The fifth Megan Fox tattoo is her boyfriend’s name “Brian” written in cursive. This tattoo as shown in the photo below is on the WAY lower right side under her belly, near her hipbone. This tattoo, as we can all figure proves her love for on /off boyfriend/fiancé Brian Austin Green.

6-The sixth Megan Fox tattoo says: “There once was a little girl who never knew love until a boy broke her heart”, a beautiful poem written by the one and only Megan Fox herself. Megan had her poem tattooed on her left rib cage. This tattoo was the biggest one it covered the whole side of her ribs.

7- The seventh Megan Fox tattoo is In the back of Megan Fox’s neck there’s a small black symbol. It looks like a Chinese letter. It’s actually a symbol of strength. This was her very first tattoo she had it done to help her through hard Hollywood times, like a good luck charm. If you ask me I think it’s really working for her. Keep up the strength Megan!

Megan Fox Tattoos



~ by meganfox2010 on April 26, 2009.

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